Students say…

Balance student:

“Suzane’s work has helped me use a wearing-out knee in ways that make walking and moving, in general, much more comfortable. The exercises she suggested are simple and easy to incorporate into a busy life. Best of all, they help!”

~ Arisha Wenneson

Professional self-presentation:

“The private lessons I have taken with Suzane Van Amburgh at Space to Move have helped me to improve my professional self-presentation. My key goal has been to become more grounded and project greater self-confidence. The Aikido/Feldenkrais classes were part of a three pronged personal development curriculum to improve self-presentation. In the process, I have gained greater awareness of my choices in meeting the line of engagement and greater flexibility at directing communication. In 360 degree feedback from colleagues, I have been told that I now employ more economical, intentional body movement. Suzane’s Aikido/Feldenkrais training has become a physical metaphor I transfer to people/process management, negotiation and conflict resolution.”

~Donald Beebe

The Balance Lab  class participant:

“The idea of a Balance Lab is awesome…I liked all the activities…especially the partnering….I especially liked the labyrinth, dance and sword moves…I like when you show the relevance to other parts of people’s lives… that these moves show up someplace else.

I found that the use of the mat and different surfaces and things to stand on was extremely helpful… perhaps the most….I noticed that my balance improved when I practiced on the mat and then did the same exercise at home or someplace else…I was much more able to balance on one foot after having done it on the mat.”

~ Kathy Dee Zasloff

Feldenkrais® Functional Integration® students:

“Working with Suzane was great! Being new to Feldenkrais, I did not really know what to expect, but her orientation put me at ease, and pretty soon we were working on my core issues. I do a lot of driving and sitting, which add up to a lot of back and hip pain. Suzane assessed my situation, worked directly with me on the mat, and gave me some exercises that I could do on the road and at work to prevent further pain and injury. I have since experienced substantial relief, and still use the exercises she taught me.”

~Daniel Chapman

“Suzane’s extensive experience in the martial arts and Feldenkrais make her a great asset to martial artists recovering from injury or simply trying to improve their performance.  She can quickly identify any imbalances in your structure or movement and then lead you to becoming aware of them, not by telling you but by allowing you to discover them yourself through Feldenkrais exercises.”

~ Kevin Greenwood

“I’d like to thank you once again for the Feldenkrais sessions. I found them intellectually interesting and physically helpful. I have noticed one significant behavioral change since our sessions. I am repeatedly reminding myself to walk with my knee over my second toe. And this reminder leads to other reminders—about my hip, back, chest, neck… It occurs to me this is really quite phenomenal. The process appears to be self-reinforcing. I realize it has only been a week since our session, but I do think about—and then adjust to–how  I am walking or sitting or stretching several times a day.  This is somewhat different from my yoga practice or aikido practice which requires that I take time out of my day to  work on or practice postures and movement.”

~ Michael Garrigan

“Thank you, Suzane, for the time you devoted to helping me.  There are a few significant changes that I’ll continue to observe and process.  First off, the mind is much less busy.  Secondly, I can sit upright.  Thirdly, my left shoulder does not hike up when I type, and the neck is less tight.  All are positive and easy to accept.  These intriguing changes are tickling me pink.”

~ Chung So

Aikido Students:

“Suzane has opened my study of aikido to a new level of understanding.  Through her private lessons, I have gained a deeper awareness, of not only fundamental skills, but also subtle movements that create openings and close gaps for increased effectiveness. She takes what the student knows and builds on that experience to create depth in understanding. My aikido skills have increased four-fold over a two-month period since beginning my lessons with her.”

-Rudy Puente

“She teaches the fundamentals of each technique and makes sure that you understand and are able to carry them very well. She is efficient, organized, and uses the entire sessions effectively.”

~ Dr. Hamid Arabshahi

“Her attention to detail not only exposes the bad habits, but has helped define where the habits came from and, most importantly, define a process for developing new good habits to replace them.”

-Jeff Frane

“The training has helped me to further appreciate the value of striving for precision in practice and a continued understanding that advanced techniques are basics mastered.  I’m confident that anyone — at any level — with a desire to develop more precise technique will appreciate weapons training with Suzane Van Amburgh.”

~ Leon Aliski

“The private lessons with Suzanne Sensei have been an invaluable experience in furthering my understanding and skill of Aikido.  The focus on foundation, timing, and footwork has been exceptional, as the one on one attention allows so much more in depth study compared to what is experienced in a group class.  I feel my growth in Aikido has expanded dramatically in just the short time that I’ve had the privilege of training with her.  I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who wishes to expand and improve  the depth and focus of their Aikido training.”

~ Dr. Kevin Sasadeusz

The question of whether to do private Aikido lessons most likely reduces to an examination of what financial priority we all give martial training versus other desires. For me, the power of personal instruction was not realized until I overcame the misperception of from where, in life, I was getting ‘my money’s worth’. It’s been just that – a matter of recognizing all those frivolous things that we all prioritize financially, will not endure the analysis of long term benefit to ourselves, compared to what will always ‘stay with us’ from Aikido.

The value of private instruction shows itself once this reprioritization of expenditures is made. One-on-one attention is then appreciated as the good value it is for the serious student. Specifically, working with Suzane affords the luxury of being passed a gift of ‘learning the art’ from someone who has dedicated a good portion of their adult years to mastering ‘the art’ themselves.

Suzane’s blend of patience and expertise cannot be more recommended nor easily found elsewhere.”

~ James Murray 

“Suzane Sensei is one of the only teachers I have ever encountered who consistently embodies the concept of Beginner’s Mind. Not only is her teaching inspiring and fresh, but she inhabits the Aikido work with a presence and spontaneity that is truly remarkable. The concept of Beginner’s Mind is only attained, or made manifest, by a teacher/practitioner working at a very high level.”

~ Adam Hall, Ph.D.

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