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Suzane Van Amburgh has studied human balance and coordination of movement for over 25 years. Her approach in teaching is to create a learning environment where the student can discover themselves in movement. Specific balance and coordination exercises provided are tailored to the person to develop their proprioception and cultivate their attention skills. Once curiosity is sparked, students find joy in mastering motion. Suzane is a graduate of the Feldenkrais® Institute of Bend and trained under Jeff Haller, PhD. Along with her experience as a Feldenkrais Teacher, Suzane is a Shidoin certified teacher of the martial art of Aikido and brings 15 years experience in Iaido, the art of the Japanese sword.

Van Amburgh currently provides balance training and related services in the John’s Landing area of Southwest Portland, at Aikido Multnomah Aikikai, 6415 SW Macadam Ave. Van Amburgh teaches classes and conducts private lessons in balance & coordinationSomatic education, and the martial arts of aikido and Iaido.

More on Suzane’s history and background:

  • Balance Program Coordinator: Van Amburgh conducted tests in postural stability and videonystagmography using a computerized equipment suite at a physician’s office in Forest Grove. When recommended by the physician, she performed the Epley maneuver and trained people to perform the maneuver for themselves. Van Amburgh provided one-on-one customized balance training sessions tailored to the skill level and goals of the individual. She developed and taught a group class series entitled Keep Your Balance! for people at risk of falling.
  • Consultant. Van Amburgh offers her services in improving organizational effectiveness though program development and project management. Suzane thinks strategically and works collaboratively to bring about innovative solutions.  Clients have included the Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America, Stoel Rives, Sustainable Northwest and  Meta Skills.
  • Chief Instructor of Aikido Multnomah AikikaiVan Amburgh Sensei, fifth degree black belt, shidoin certified instructor, teaches regular weekly aikido and iaido classes, oversees the training schedule, dojo culture and development of students in the martial way of Aikido. Special events and beginners series open to the public are scheduled periodically. To view upcoming events, visit Dojo News.

Contact me by writing a comment in the “reply” box below. Don’t worry, it will not be posted publicly. All comments are routed directly to me.   Alternatively, you can call and leave a message for me on 503-683-2275, or send an email message to spacetomoveinfo (at) gmail (dot) com.  ~ Suzane


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