Practice Makes the Brain More Efficient

Practice Makes the Brain’s Motor Cortex More Efficient

Aug. 4, 2013 — Not only does practice make perfect, it also makes for more efficient generation of neuronal activity in the primary motor cortex, the area of the brain that plans and executes movement, according to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

The hand area of the primary motor cortex is known to be larger among professional pianists than in amateur ones. This observation has suggested that extensive practice and the development of expert performance induces changes in the primary motor cortex…

“This tells us that practicing a skilled movement and the development of expertise leads to more efficient generation of neuron activity in the primary motor cortex to produce the movement.

…our results indicate that practice changes the primary motor cortex so that it can become an important substrate for the storage of motor skills. Thus, the motor cortex is adaptable, or plastic.

 Read the entire article with links to the research on Science Daily at:

I recommend people find some kind of movement activity they enjoy; a movement art, martial art, dance form, ATM®, juggling – anything that is both physically engaging and requires you to pay attention to how you do what you do. This cultivation of attention skills matched with whole body movement is  essential to health and wellbeing throughout our lives. As we grow older it’s crucial that we keep this joy of learning alive.  –  Suzane

  Train your brain; move your body.

Learn something new, Practice regularly and Thrive!  


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