Alan Questel’s Balance CD set

Alan Questel has produced several CD sets relevant to balance and coordination. One of his newest is simply entitled “Balance”

CD set by Alan Questel


“Balance is something you only really think about when you lose it. But do you know what you lose? Finding your balance is easier and closer than you think!
In this workshop you will experience some of the fundamental ideas that inform you about your balance as well as ways you can understand it, utilize it and play with it. You will discover how instability can become mobility and how immovability can become stability. Through Feldenkrais®–Awareness through Movement® lessons you will explore how it is you have balance, lose it and regain it again.”   {quoted from the product description.}

Please read the entire product information for all of Questel’s CD sets here:

Order CD sets by clicking the Uncommon Sensing image in the left hand side bar, or click here:


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